​Mud Jacking

Dealing with lifting or heaving in the concrete work of your property, whether your foundation or otherwise, is an eyesore, and can cause a headache when trying to figure out the necessary steps to bringing resolution. If you find that this issue is plaguing your home, you can depend
on Mesquite Foundation Repair to bring you the results you need. We do so through a mud jacking service that will give your properties concrete the underside reinforcement it needs to remain stable and straight for years to come.


There are certain occasions where a mud jacking service can be the right answer to issues you face with your foundation. If you have a slight tilt, or curvature caused by displacement of the underlying soil, then a mud jacking service can be just the right solution. At Mesquite Foundation Repair we bring you a full assessment to ensure that this service is the right one to bring you the lasting results you’re looking for, and if so, deliver the high quality service you seek to have the issue repaired in a lasting and dependable fashion for your Mesquite home.


Mud jacking is a common relief method for the stairs on the outside of your home as generally when these items are installed, the soil underneath isn’t weighed as heavily into the installation as it would be with something as vital as your foundation. If you find that one or more of your stairs are tilted in any direction, or that cracks are starting to form in the joint between steps, then a mud jacking service may be just the ticket you need to have these issues dealt with on a permanent basis, bringing back your home access from the outside.


As many walkways are just flattened and then laid into place, you can find yourself finding tilting and displacement in more than one area, to bring a permanent and reliable fix to the issue Mesquite Foundation Repair brings you the mud jacking service that will have your walkway stones resting on a solid foundation, allowing you the strength and uniformity of your walkway that you envisioned when you first installed it. No matter the concrete issue on your property, if our mud jacking service can fix it, you can depend on the best finished product in the city.

The Right Service

Mud jacking is a specific type of service aimed at bringing relief to specific issues, and though it may seem simple to just use it for any problem you face in your homes concrete, it’s best left to the judgement of the professionals as to whether or not it’s the right fix. We bring you a professional assessment that will take all factors into consideration before bringing you their suggestions.