​Root Barrier

The trees on our property can be valued additions to our homes, they bring us shade, and protection from the elements, and a place to enjoy both aesthetically and practically. Yet the root system hiding below the soil can be a treacherous place, especially for your homes foundation,

and bringing you the means to protect both your homes foundation and your properties trees is the objective of our easy to install and highly effective root barrier system.

Dry Soil

One of the main ways the your trees roots can affect your homes foundation is through their feeding process. The long tap roots soak up water form the ground around your home, and if this is done too close to the foundation of your home, then you can find the nearby soil starting to dry out, which can cause issues with the structural integrity to the area around your foundation, leading to issues of all verities. Bringing the right barrier of moisture protection to the soil surrounding your foundation is the objective of our highly effective root barrier system.

Foundation Collision

Another means in which the roots of your properties trees can affect your homes foundation is through growth collision. When your trees large roots grow directly against eh foundation of your home, steadily putting pressure on the walls. Combined with the overly dry soil, this can leave your concrete brittle, and easily cracked against the constant push. By properly installing a root barrier, we remove the possibility of this happening, and prevent you from having to cut one of the large and important roots to your tree. Bringing happiness to both you and your growing property tree for a long time to come.

For The Sake of Your Trees

There are many different ways that can be suggested in bringing more protection to the foundation of your home, and many of which will involve causing damage to the tree itself. With our root barrier service, you can be sure that we bring you the most effective solutions possible without having to sacrifice your trees health and safety. When you’re looking for a green solution that protects your properties greenery, then a professional root barrier installation carried out by Mesquite Foundation Repair may be just he answer your looking for to keep your tree and your home happy.

For The Protection of Your Home

Ultimately the root barrier service we provide to your home is for the protection of your homes foundation. We aim to bring you the services you need across the board when it comes to your foundation, and to ensure that if we can do so in a way that works out the best for everyone and everything involved, that it’s the path we will choose. We care about your trees.