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There can be no understating the importance to the foundation of your home, and when it comes to getting the right repairs, ensuring that you’re enlisting the help of the right professionals is integral. At Mesquite Foundation Repair we bring you the experienced and expert services you 

need to ensure that you have a quick and easy solution to any of your foundation problems, with the most professional and affordable foundation repair service in the Mesquite area.

About Us

We have long been the optimal local provider of foundation repairs in Mesquite, and only work harder each day to solidify our position at the top. When you’re looking for the most experienced services possible when it comes to all things foundation related, then picking up the phone and calling us is your best first move. We have dedicated our professional lives to this specific form of repair, to ensure that we have the means of bringing the most experienced services in the city.

​We strive to be the best and most trusted choice for your residential and commercial foundation repair services.
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Each of the foundation services that we bring to your home or business are steeped in knowledge and experience, giving us the ability to bring you an unmatched service in the Mesquite area. Our foundation professionals are some of the most dedicated and knowledgeable professionals in the business, always aiming at bringing satisfaction to every customer we assist. Whether you’ve got leaks, cracks, or roots getting in the way of your confidence in your foundation, you can be sure that we always have the right tool for the job to ensure a quick and effective solution to your issues.

Foundation Repair

he bread and butter service of our operation is our foundation repair, this is the service that first put us on the Mesquite map by bringing the best expertise and knowledge to foundation issues. No matter the problem you’ve been facing with your home or business foundation, you can be sure that we have the means and expertise needed to bring you the permanent fix you’ve been looking for. Our highly qualified professionals bring you the best repairs in the city.

Mud Jacking

Dealing with a slope or mound in your foundation or home’s pavement can be an annoyance, a hazard and just an all around headache, and bringing the right professional assistance to these issues is Mesquite Foundation Repair. We bring you an experience mud jacking service that will level out your pavement issues, and bring back the uniform look and sturdy nature you’ve come to rely on for these areas

“I didn’t even know that the tree on my yard was causing issues with my foundation, it wasn’t until I contacted Mesquite Foundation Repair about issues, that they managed to track down the source. A few days later and a barrier in place, I feel much more confident about my foundation.” – Trevor F.


Drainage Corrections

When drainage is incorrectly being diverted towards your homes foundation, you can face many potential issues as a result, the least of which being the deterioration of integrity to these areas, leading to potential issues down the road that could be complicated and costly to fix. When you need a permanent and reliable solution to these issues, you need the professional touch that Mesquite Foundation Repair brings to your Mesquite area home.

Internal Leak Repair

Leaks form within can be just as dangerous to your homes foundation as drainage from without, and no less important to get the right services at the right time. When you need the right professional services to assist you with an internal leak issue, you can depend on Mesquite Foundation Repair to bring you the experience and expertise you need to have these issues permanently and properly dealt with, making your leak issues a thing of the past.

“When we started to notice a large crack in our basement floor, I was worried that repairs would leave us with giant holes all over. When we contacted Mesquite Foundation Repair they informed us that they could easily tunnel under and provide repairs that way. Ingenious, and brought the repairs we needed.” – Jason D



When dealing with foundational issues, it’s important for the professionals providing your repairs to get deep within to gain access to the vital areas needed to deliver repairs and results. Rather than tearing up your foundation slab in multiple areas to get at these issues, Mesquite Foundation Repair brings you a tunneling repair service that gets below your foundation from outside, and delivers the repairs needed without damaging the interior of your home.

Root Barrier

Tree roots are necessary for our big green friends outside, but they can play havoc on your homes foundation in a myriad of different ways. If their tap roots are close to your foundation, then you can face seeing the soil in that area go dry and brittle, offering little protection from flooding or heavy rain water in that area, leading to possible damage to your foundation. With the right barrio in place you protect your foundation, and preserve the life of your properties trees.

“The corner edge of my home began to slump due to a void that grew unnoticed. I was worried about damage to the rest of my home as a result and contacted Mesquite Foundation Repair. They brought my home a mud jacking service that levelled everything right out.” – Ken S

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​When you find yourself in need of a proper foundation repair for your Mesquite area home or business, the name to keep in mind is Mesquite Foundation Repair. We bring you the experience based services you need to ensure that no matter your issue, you have the access you need to the right professional solutions. From trees, to walls, leaks and more, there is hardly a foundation issue that we haven’t seen or haven’t been able to bring repair level to that give you back a sturdy and dependable foundation.