When dealing with foundation issues, getting to the heart of the matter is important, and there are a couple different ways that Mesquite Foundation Repair can do that, either through standard foundation drilling, or through tunneling. No matter the route of preference for your home,
you can be sure that Mesquite Foundation Repair professionals know how to get at your issues effectively to bring you the repair results you’re looking for, whether over or under, we have you covered.

The Heart of The Issue

The main priority for our experts when it comes to bringing you professional foundation repair, is getting to the issue and bringing the resolutions you need. We bring every skills acquired over years of experience to ensure that we have the most effective means of access while leaving you as little damaging results in its wake as possible. By using tunneling rather than drilling, we deliver the effective results you seek We always aim to bring you a happy resolution to your issues, and the means in which we deliver our repairs is only one of the ways we accomplish this.

Another Way To Access

There are two main ways to get to the innards or underside of the foundation of your home, one is the more traditional means, drilling holes in your floors at various locations, which involves not only the holes themselves, but the work inside your home, and removal of dirt through your home, and the other is through tunneling. By tunneling underneath and around your home we have the means of bringing access to the desired location in your foundation with one easy hole for our professionals to have access to the location in need of treatment in your Mesquite foundation.


When the repairs have been brought to your foundation, it’s a simple matter of refilling the hole created for access, and removing all signs of our presence there. This is an effective way to get to the issues deep within your home while leaving as little signs of our presence as possible. At Mesquite Foundation Repair we aim to bring you the repairs you need in a way that has the least amount of impact on your home, and when we have a means of doing so that doesn’t require drilling into your actual home, we take full advantage of that fact.

Repaired and Sign Free

The end result of this entire process leaves you with a fully repairs foundation, and the happiness in not having to deal with the aftermath. We desire to leave your home the same way we found it, with the exceptions only being to the positive. When you call into the offices of Mesquite Foundation Repair for repairs, you can be sure that we do everything within our power and expertise to bring you the positive results you’re looking for, with minimal negative impact in our wake.