​Drainage Corrections

Water and your foundation just never seem to mix, there can be a great many issues that come about for the foundation of your home if exposed to water for prolonged periods of time, and drainage can be the sort of issue that spawns these problems. With the right water drainage around your
home you can keep your foundation dry, your ground solid, and your home in the right state of protection. Mesquite Foundation Repair brings you the drainage correction service you need to enjoy all of these benefits.

The Signs

If you’ve noticed that the ground around your home begins to heave after heavy rainfall, or that the foundation of your home seems to still look and feel wet a few days after rain, then you may be having an issue with the drainage in your home. If this is the case, left unattended for a long period of time, you can soon find your foundation shifting, or starting to show signs of cracking. This ultimately is a much larger fix, and taking care of issues while they are still smaller ones will save you a lot of time and headache down the road.


Each of the restorative services that we bring to your Mesquite area home begin with a professional assessment of the area and the foundation. It’s important for our professionals to have an understanding of the area and issues before bringing any form of service so that we can be sure that what we are doing is the right corrective action. At Mesquite Foundation Repair we aim to bring you services that will be functional and last for your property, and by knowing exactly what to do beforehand, we have the best possibility to do so.

Course of Action

When the plan is put into place, it’s time for our professionals to take over and initiate the services. You can rest assured that each and every offering that we carry out is based on years of experience and expertise in drainage correction. We have had the privilege of assisting hundreds of homeowners in the Mesquite area for a number of years, and aim to deliver services that can be counted upon to last. When you need a proper drainage correction by an experienced team of professionals, then you can be sure that Mesquite Foundation Repair has the services for you.

Corrective Services

After the drainage correction has been put into place there is one final inspection to ensure that every aspect of its implementation has been done correctly. We find that this second layer of follow up allows us to rest assured that the service we have provided to you will be one that will last you for years in your home.